Reviewing the top satellite TV services.


DIRECTV is a top satellite television provider in the USA. DIRECTV was launched in 1994 and in 2015, ATT took over DIRECTV. They serve over 20 million customers. The satellite transmission of television programs from different providers is routed to customers. Homeowners, business owners, hotel owners, restaurant owners, and others subscribe to DIRECTV for the satellite television services.

The television shows from different channels is routed to millions of customers via DIRECTV satellite network. Once you subscribe, a DVR system called Genie will be installed at your location. The High Definition device can store multiple episodes at a time and can store up to 200 episodes. DIRECTV comes with an application that is compatible on most smart phones and tablets. You can download the DIRECTV app on your mobile devices and can watch your shows on the go. If your mobile phone is having data through ATT, the movies you see on the mobile devices is not counted against your mobile phone data.

DIRECTV has continuous streaming with minimal disruptions due to the satellite system and the coverage. DIRECTV is compatible with laptops, Mac books, Kindle, Android devices, and Apple devices. You can stream on demand shows, live TV, sports, movies, and so on. The facility to see the shows on multiple devices gives consumers to watch their shows any where and any time. However, additional mobile phone charges and connectivity issues may arise if you want to see the shows on the go.



DIRECTV comes with famous channels such as the HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, Nickelodeon, TMZ, and other channels. You can stream around 315 channels and some channels are also available in Spanish! If you are a sports fan, you can get all the games on DIRECTV exclusive. NLB, NBA, Fox Sports, Tennis channel, Golf channel, ESPN, NHL Network, and so on. However, if your favorite local games are only shown on certain channels, you may need to subscribe for them additionally.

You can get the DIRECTV exclusives such as the FANTASY ZONE channel and RED ZONE channel. NFL SUNDAY TICKET is available every Sunday game. DIRECTV has shows readily available for you with no waiting time. They partnered with internet and phone providers through out the country which makes DIRECTV popular choice.

Live shows and games are possible with DIRECTV. The devices provided let you rewind and watch the shows that aired in the last 3 days even if you forgot to record the shows. You can connect up to 8 TV's simultaneously. The device operates with voice search and auto start is enabled after an episode ends. Sports and game shows are available with DIRECTV and you can customize your channels based on your preferences.

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DIRECTV is available in different packages to suit your requirements and budget. You can select a package available in your area. The popular packages include the SELECT ALL, ENTERTAINMENT ALL, CHOICE ALL, EXTRA ALL, ULTIMATE ALL, PREMIER ALL, and so on. the NFL SUNDAY TICKET is available in CHOICE ALL package and above. The base price starts at $55 to $125 per month for a required two year contract. Taxes, regional sports fee, and any additional choices cost extra. After the two year contract, the prices may go up depending on the sale going on at that time.

There are different sports packages available such as NBA LEAGUE PASS and NFL SUNDAY TICKET. International packages are available for Mexico, Korean, Russian, Filipino, Vietnamese, and so on. Price also varies with the number of televisions you need. For every additional television, a Genie mini is provided. You can make the connection wireless for a one time fee on $99. The Protection Plan costs $7.99 per month which covers equipment upgrade every two years and any troubleshooting charges.

Check for any sign on gift cards or free months while subscribing. If you have AT&T on your mobile phone, there are some special packages. DIRECTV also has Internet and phone packages for its customers. You can save a lot if you bundle your DIRECTV, Internet, and phone. Business packages for restaurants and bars, offices, hotels, and shops provide reasonable rates. Pay Per View option is enabled on your mobile phone and you can enter your orders, pay bills, and check updates on the mobile phone application.

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If you are a huge sports fan, then DIRECTV is the best choice. The sports packages are exclusive and you can watch all your favorite games with DIRECTV. Premium television shows and movies appear first in DIRECTV as soon as they are released. You can get the first look of the shows you are waiting and following. Binge watching is also possible with continuous streaming on multiple televisions and mobile devices.

However, if you are not a fan of all those extra channels, then the price may be on the higher range for you. If you are working all the time, then the DIRECTV is a waste. With long commutes, hefty schedules, and kids activities - you might have to figure out whether the cost is worth at all. Also, you need to consider all the extra useless channels which you don't need and end up paying anyway.

The HD DVR Genie and the mini Genie that come with the service tend to be malfunctioning. The extra cost of protection is useless. They need to replace or repair the faulty devices they installed and upgrade for free as the consumers are paying hefty fees for those. There are lot of conditions and hidden charges to avail all the special features DIRECTV offers. The extra cost of Internet to make the special features such as wireless and live shows work is huge.

If you take connection from Netflix monthly fees start around $11. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get most of the shows from that service. Hulu starts at $8 per month. Within $35, you can get shows and movies from multiple providers. The only thing you need is internet and wireless data connection. However, you may have to wait for a month or so until some of your favorite shows are available on such providers.

DIRECTV is best suited for traditional families with multiple rooms with televisions. You need to figure out the usage and the cost involved before signing up. The two year contract is ridiculous and results in unwanted burden on families. For a retired person or families with many children, DIRECTV may be suitable as it gives nonstop entertainment. DIRECTV is also suitable for commercial business entertainment which may be cost effective. Check the packages in your area before signing up.